Indra Vilas rated "EXCELLENT" by travellers
About Indra Vilas
Alsisar is a laid back village in North Rajasthan. A couple of centuries back affluent Marwari traders built exquisite havelis (mansions) and painted the exteriors and interiors in brilliant depictions of mythology and folklore. The mansions gained attention only in the last two decades when intrepid visitors started stumbling upon a virtual open air gallery of dimensions unparalleled anywhere. The mansions, the memorials, the temples, the wells, the ponds are all painted with murals and motifs of all kind in rich colors.

Here in this tiny village lies Indra Vilas, the largest Haveli in Alsisar, Shekhawati. It has been refurnished to give the experience of the bygone era to the present day connoisseurs to come and savor the life of color and joy in the desert streets of this village.

The hundred-room haveli built by Indrachand Kejriwali in a ten-acre compound extending to ancient walls built to grand scale, welcome guests to stay in splendor of the past with modern comforts. Walk around the village to explore the art hidden in the profusion of mansions and temples dotting every street. Sit around the village pond chatting with inquisitive kids, artisans and wizened old folks. Ride a camel for dinner on the dunes, in the backdrop of folk dances and lilting tunes.

Come, indulge yourself with the legendary Rajasthan hospitality. While you are pampered, the village is reinvigorating, blowing off the sand from hidden frescoes and reviving the rich traditions of the bygone era.
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